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about breed

What does the PON look like?

The breed standard describes the ideal representative of the PON breed.

For us, PON is a medium-sized, robust and solid dog, with a firm topline, a well pronounced fore chest, strong limbs, with easy, ground covering gait. The fur is long, dense, the legs are well furnished.

Bitches weight approx. 18-22 kg, males 20-25 kg.

 The pattern assumes growth at the withers from 42 cm for a bitch to 50 cm for a dog.

Pon is rather strong bone breed with large head, large ears and big nose.

Not every shaggy dog is a PON, nice PON is clearly distinguished from the following breeds: shapendoes Dutch shepherd, bearded collie, Tibetan terrier neither Odis.

We encourage you to read the commentary on the breed standard here: PDF.

Who is PON for?

Our PON dogs are very human-oriented, they like to learn. That makes them great companions and family dogs. They do not like loneliness, they are very devoted to their families. They are also very smart and stubborn; they require consistency when raising. Then they will return feelings with double strength.

Is Pon a healthy breed?

We make sure that the dogs we breed are "healthy every day."

 PONs are prone to obesity, so you need to take care not to overfeed them, some of them are more sensitive – e.g. require a cooked diet or food without e.g. chicken.

Dogs that we use for breeding have examined hip joints for hip dysplasia, we check eyes, thyroid and heart.

What PONs have tails?

PONS are born with tails of various lengths, from very short to quite long. The shortened or a stubby or bobtail, tail is a distinctive feature of the breed that we try to preserve.