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about us

PON has been our passion since 1987. We are one of the oldest, most successful kennels of Polish lowland sheepdog in Poland now.  It is love and passion, and all dogs live with us at home. Over 70 Champions of many countries of the world, World, European and Polish Winners were born at our place. Our breeding has an impressing list of achievements and has had an impact on the development of the breed in many countries of the world.


The main thing is that they are our beloved dogs and family friends.


We focus on a friendly temperament so that PON is a joy for its owner. Our PONs are smart and stubborn and need consequent owner, if this condition is met they are wonderful dogs that they love with all their heart. We pay a lot of attention to the fact that they are friendly, people oriented and outgoing. We have never used an aggressive dog for breeding, because good temperament is a priority for us.


We maintain the true type and appearance of the PON, we want them to look as described by the FCI standard, which has not changed much since 1956. We do not succumb to " fashion colors" or "modern type". We believe that PON is a national treasure, and we care very much about maintaining a good breed type.  Our dogs since 1987, that is, from the moment we started our adventure with cynology, consistently succeed, winning the most important, large exhibitions, but what is most important to us, they look the same.


The founder of our kennel is Anna Dominiak - veterinarian - we care about the health of our dogs and puppies. We believe that a happy dog is a healthy dog every day, which is cheerful, willing to run, does not scratch constantly, is not burdened with diabetes or other diseases. Of course, biology is not mathematics, not everything can be predicted, but this is how we choose parents for our puppies.

Our Pons are great dogs, you are welcomed to meet them!
Anna Dominiak, DVM